Hello, my name is Tung Lam. I am Fancy Design founder. This website introduces about my products and is a graphic design blog.

I specialize in designing logo, brand identity, and website. With many years working in design, I worked with many companies and businesses over the world. With me, customers are same important, not depends on the size of the company.

My design style focuses on simple, clear, and strong. My designs are published on websites which specialize in design such as Abduzeedo, thearthunters, logomoose, and more…

I am happy to meet you and discuss my projects next to a cup of coffee. If you are a busy person, we can discuss via Skype or phone. In addition to, we can communicate via email.

If you are interested in my design product or you have any other design requirement, don’t hesitate to contact me to see how I could help you.