15 websites share the best free stock photos in 2018

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Have you ever use the stock photo for the creative projects, blogs or update for the social network?

An impressive photo is one of the most important factors in business even you are a blogger or a large company.

I believe that photo distributes 60% of the success in any job. By transmitting photo information to the user, the visual attraction will help the cognition of your brand to be enhanced.

Unfortunately, the cost to hire a professional photographer or to buy stock photo is always expensive; not anyone can have enough budget.

Trust me; I understand your difficulty in finding photos. I will help you answer the question “Where can I find free stock photos?”

Luckily, with the development of the internet nowadays, we meet generous photographers. They shared quality products with high resolution and totally free.

In this entry, I will provide you with some tools for searching high quality and free stock photos with Creative Common Zero (CC0) or similar licenses.


Ok! At first, we discover license.


Creative Commons Licenses Icons

Copyright infringement is the worst thing; you will find lots of copyright infringement suitcase from the internet. You are either a blogger or a large company; you might take notice of this problem.

In the past, I hesitated about the copyright when using photos.

You can see lots of photos on the internet; this does not mean that they are free.

Let’s visualize that “what happens if someone shares their copyright photos on the internet and you use it?”. You infringe copyright, and you might need to meet your law. It is bad!

Stock photos and video are always licensed. You can see some keywords such as Public Domain, Creative Commons. If you don’t know well about copyright, I recommend that you should find photos and videos which have Creative Common Zero (CC0) license. So that, you can use what you want even for the commercial purpose.

Creative Commons: this license is available for the free distribution with some specified conditions. In Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, this is the most amazing. You will use free without constraints. The only thing you cannot do is selling these works.


Public Domain: the license is normally used for all work not falling under copyright or intellectual property. It falls under public.

Note: you should avoid using any photo show logo or brand such as Adidas, Apple, Google, etc. Because CC0 license only supplies photos, not for brands or logos.

You always remember checking the license before downloading to use. Even though resources are free, the license can be changed in the feature.
I searched on the Internet to have the best list until now.

The websites are collected carefully and manual. I based on evaluating the websites ranking and popular, plus my favorite website ^^.

Although I tried my best to provide you most full list, once more time, I recommend you read carefully about the license before downloading and using.

This list is always up-to-date that you can approach new materials, helps us save time and have the best work. You can also register to me; I will update you in the fastest way.

And now let’s have a look at the list and bookmark for reference in future.



free stock photos by pixabay

The first website I want to mention is Pixabay, with huge photo resources. Pixabay also gives a bonus of vectors and video with CC0 license. These are great resources. You can experience via app on Android or iOS by Pixabay supply.

The only thing you need to do is finding the right keyword. If you want to download a photo with the largest size, you register. Registration is simple and free.

Check license here.


Burst by shopify

free stock photos by burst.shopify

Brust is given by Shopify, with friendly design and image category in Homepage. You can find the category or based on keyword.

With Brust, you download image easily without registration to download stock photos. I like photos sharing on Brust.

Check license here.



free stock photos by pexels

With the rapid development, it might be the biggest competitor of Pixabay. Pexels’s interface is friendly and fast. Same as Pixabay, Pixels also give you stock photos and videos with CC0 license.

Besides, Pexels also supplies tools to be more convenient at work. I am interested in Pexels’s plugin for Photoshop.

Check license here.



free stock photos by dreamstime

Dreamstime is a giant website of selling photos. Beside that Dreamstime provides the best works with CC0 license.

One of the best things is you do not need to register but can download the stock photos. Dreamstime’s website support 12 languages to help you enjoy the website in the best way.

Check license here.



free stock photos by unsplash

Unsplash is one of my favorite websites. The photographer over the world shared the photos with CC0 license. Here you can look at the interesting start-up story of Unsplash, from a small project become a giant.

If you are looking for the photos to write blogs or the social network quotes, Unsplash is what you need. It supports ten free photos share per 10 days, and the website is growing strong.

Check license here.



free stock photos by stocksnap

Believe me! By various categories, the collection of photos is continuously updated, and a convenient search engine, StockSnap is the website you should not ignore.

All photos on StockSnap fall under the CC0 license, you will be comfortable to use but no worry about the license.

Check license here.


Free Images

free stock photos by freeimages

Free Images gives you more than 300.000 free photos, but it is not similar to the websites I shared that its conditions are the first thing you should read before using.

An uncomfortable thing is you have to register to be able to download photos. However that is free, and it takes you a couple of minutes. Then you will have a beautiful and high-quality photos collection.

Check license here.


Public Domain Pictures

free stock photos by publicdomainpictures

Public Domain Pictures owns over 200.000 stock photos. Works here were licensed CC0. If you are finding photos for your blogs or little projects, you can look for here.

You also can download high-resolution photos with the low price $0.05 – $0.1. The price is not too high to have a photo you like. Besides, you send your works to contribute to the community library.



free stock photos by picjumbo

The next in my list is Picjumbo, a project made by Viktor Hanacek photographer. If you are seeking photos to design your website or next blog post, this is a place you should visit.

Its interface is designed simply, and clean. Shared works here have new trend and totally free. If you feel generous, you can support the author by buying the photo packages on the website.

Check license here.



free stock photos by gratisography

Gratisography is a personal project of Ryan McGuire. With colorful collection and added every week, these works are provided by Ryab McGuire and completely free.

You may look for the photo based on the categories of the website, or keyword. You need to click the photo to download the best stock photos without registration.

Check license here.


Visual Hunt

free stock photos by visualhunt

You will hear about Visual Hunt. It is a famous photo search engine, with the huge number of photos over 300 million. Lots of photographers around the world contributed them. In my opinion, it is the website you ought to bookmark.

Check license here.



free stock photos by morguefile

Morguefile collects a huge and abundant number of life photos which were shared by photographers over the world. It is easy to see the topic on Homepage. In additionally, Morguefile shares free videos; you can use them for your projects.

Check license here.


Im Creator

free stock photos by imcreator

Im Creator is not a website specializes in sharing free photos. You will know that this website specializes in website design. Although they do not share free photos as many as the websites I shared above, Im Creator has stock photos collection that you can use for your projects.



free stock photos by foter

Similar to Visual Hunt, it is also an amazing photo search tool. With a beautiful interface and over 335 million free photos, Foter will help you search photos easier.

One thing you should notice that not most of the photo in Foter are CC0 licensed. It means some cases you need to write the author of the photo. According to me, this condition is not tough to have an awesome picture for your project.

Check license here.


Life of Pix

free stock photos by lifeofpix

I spent lots of time finding photos for the quote I posted on my Pinterest. I like the photographers’ style on Life of Pix.

You will find stock photos here. The shared photos on Life of Pix were licensed CC0 by the photographer in the world. And the amazing thing is that you click Download button, and you will have a favorite photo.

Check license here.



Well done! I think we have a great time together ^^

You viewed the best places on the internet to have free stock photos. Now, it is time to let do your creative work.

I know the photography career is not easy and respectful. I hope when you use the photos, you will write the photo author on your website (even though they don’t request).

In case that I miss something, let me know in the below comment. I am sure that I will update the entry when I find any greater web or tools.

Now it is your turn.

Do you know other tools not in the list I introduced here? Would you like to share these tools with your close friend? Let share with everyone your thought.

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