John Robertson John Robertson CEO at Versa Trading Inc.

I have worked with Fancy Design and Mr.Lam for the past four years. I initially contacted FancyDesigned after reviewing all of the websites of Vietnamese design firms that I could find.


Fancy Design website stood out as having the most graceful, elegant and compelling design of all of the websites I looked at. In working with Mr. Lam I have been impressed with the quality and imagination of his work and his commitment to providing the first-class service.

Tony Howell Tony Howell CEO & Founder at Tonyhowell.me

Lam helped me and subsequently a few of my clients. Beyond his exceptional artistic talents, his designs are incredibly strategic, his deliverables, customer service and pricing are also extraordinary. World class collaborator.

Chau Nguyen Ngoc Chau Nguyen Ngoc Founder at Trang Diem May Man

Lam is very good at brand identity design. He is a careful and responsible person who always meet deadlines. Also, his creativeness and understanding of customer needs are beyond my expectation.

If you have good sense of art, you will enjoy working with Lam. And if you are not?! Lam gives you a helping hand.

Hang Tran Hang Tran Project Manager at AIESEC Vietnam

Tung Lam is very skillful and trustworthy graphic designer. He showed his great attitude and commitment during working. His product can both meet customer requirements and present his own values.